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Sharon and her husband Jerry moved to the Wenatchee Valley in 2003 from Maple Valley.  Their move was motivated by finding a place with a more conservative environment to raise their two girls, Hannah & Paige, and to be in a place where the weather and beauty was more to their liking.  They got more than they bargained for and it shows.  She doesn't stop reminding people - she loves it here.Sharon Moreland is drawn to people and passionate about Wenatchee.  A transplant to the valley herself, her infectious enthusiasm about our community here and those she's met hasn't worn off - it continues to grow.

 I love Wenatchee!  It's a connected town, she said.  Love, hard work and connection are a big deal to Sharon.  Now a successful agent with a successful partnership in business, a successful marriage, a connected network of lasting friendships, Sharon has navigated her professional life through some challenging and difficult water.

In 1984, Sharon did her practicum at Echo Glen Children's Center in Snoqualmie, WA.  This is no daycare or preschool, folks.  Echo Glen is run by Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and is where children who have committed serious crimes are placed by the state.  It is not a camp, it is a maximum security detention facility for kids.  These kids that have committed serious crimes, who live with darkness that is beyond most of our imaginations, kids who society must institutionalize with the hopes of rehabilitation. But these kids got to have 18 years with a special lady who sought to love in the midst of hardness and needed discipline.  Sharon.

The work took its toll, but Sharon learned to find something love-worthy in the hardest of kids.  In the 18 years Sharon worked at Echo Glen, she could only recall one kid who simply would not respond, who would not love-back.  I found it interesting that she remembers all the kids but especially that one.  Her heart still hurts for the lost.

Today her husband teases her when folks open up to her quickly and easily in places like the grocery store.  There's something about Sharon that makes it easy to connect.  But that's how the heart works.  It connects.  And Sharon has a big, connecting heart to others. 

Sharon is a driver with a competitive streak.  Amidst all the compassion and care for others, Sharon works hard to accomplish the task at hand.  Her training and education in psychology coupled with the applied learning as a wife, mother, juvenile detention counsellor and now a top agent/broker for 12 years are keys to both her success in the market as well as the peace in her soul.

 I get to do this! she exclaimed.   She loves what she does and she's good at it.

Sharon's advice for those moving to the Wenatchee market was both simple and exciting.  Her eyes light up when she talks about people moving here from out of town as if to say They have NO idea how much they will love it here.

 When looking for representation on the buying or selling side, Sharon recommended 4 concrete "Must Haves":


- can you reach them easily and will they work hard for you.  You need to know that.


- while it's tough to measure and involves a gut-level trust, do you think they will be honest?


- they must know the market thoroughly, know how to negotiate skillfully, have the technology, tools, training and savvy to market.


- you should like them and expect to have fun.

  Sharon is a big-picture connector.  She is grounded in her faith, compelled by the love of her husband, dreamer of big dreams for their daughters and a servant of others in Wenatchee. Sharon & Steve maintain strong momentum and continue to grow their already successful real estate practice.  They embrace change, learning new technology yet there's a commitment to the timeless principles of customer service.

 It is a privilege to walk alongside others.  I love that I get to do this- Sharon Moreland